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October 1, 2011 – Song 330 (Day 34)

Everyone. Looks. Like. Babies! ♥

Song 330 (Day 34)

I still remember the day this video was filmed.

I was sick as a dog, with the dog. I actually don’t get sick very often, but whenever I do give in, forget about it dude. I get SICK. I go into a fever state and can sleep for 24 hours straight. Well, I can sleep until the dog gets in my face and makes a demand anyway.

But you know what’s weird? Whenever I do get sick like that the dog actually gets as close to me as he can. It doesn’t seem to bother him that it’s boring. In fact, he always seems determined to cuddle up and help make a hotpocket with the comforter.

Maybe it’s good for you to have a fever once in a while.

So needless to say I am not in it. I had been planning on holding up “Dirty” by Sonic Youth and fashioning up an EAT ME Stones shirt ala Kim Gordon in the 100% video.

Which is funny, because if you told some of the dudes in THIS video that ten years later they would be in a band with one of people IN Sonic Youth, I doubt they’d have believed you. But that’s just how it works. In no way that you can predict. No matter how hard you try. Trust me on that one.

My friend Claire is also not in this video. She was living in Prague at the time and also she wasn’t my friend, yet. She was my then boyfriend’s friend.

We met later that year. In Prague. When I went on tour with my boyfriend’s band.

Ten years later she is still one of my very best friends.

What is also weird is that I met my then boyfriend a year or so before that when I was in Prague. I had gone on a two-week trip with my college to do an arts exchange program. We partnered with a school there and took over an abandoned theater, creating installations from the debris. I still have a mark on the bottom of my foot from where a rusty nail went through my tennis shoe and a bomb shelter sign I found in the rubble.

A friend and I, having had enough of the group travel mentality, saw that the 90 Day Men were playing in nearby Dresden and decided to take an overnight trip. I don’t remember her name but she was from a “Floater” community in Iowa. (Don’t even ask.)

But I knew a couple of the guys in the band and since this was before pocket internet, we just showed up. I can still remember the look on Rob Lowe’s face when we walked in the door. He looked at me strangely for a second, like “Hmm. That looks like Sarah.” And then looked away. He then turned back and was like “What the hell!” It was actually really funny. He’s a pretty animated dude when he’s surprised.

A couple of years before THAT, I was living in Krakow, Poland with my friend Urszula. I was a student. My friend Jeremy came to visit me and at one point we took a trip to Prague.

While there, in a matchbox sized antique store (Jeremy was/is crazy for old cameras) we ran into Johnny Depp. Yuuuup. He looked like a backpacker stoner and said he was in town to film a Jack the Ripper rip-off movie. Which is funny, because when I got back to the States, “Chocolat” had just come out.

I guess I thought he had just been yanking our chains. But a couple of months later I got a phone call from a very excited Jeremy exclaiming that he saw a poster on the side of the bus for “From Hell”. Johhny Depp don’t tell no lies.

And here we are in this year. The one in which I was the Minister at my friend Jeremy’s wedding. Tada. ♥

I guess the point is, you simply cannot predict how it works.

It just does.

I wouldn’t even be telling you this story tonight if a certain clock hadn’t caught my eye in a music video by INXS. Literally.

So what is there to worry about?

It’s just going to go how it goes, if you let it go.

Who the fuck needs Kevin Bacon anyway? ♥

(Except for in Footloose. I NEED him in Footloose. A lot.)

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