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November 4, 2011 – Song 364 (Day 0)

“All I ever wanted was to know was that you were dreaming.” – Stevie Nicks

So what exactly does a person say on a day like today?

Song 364 (Day 0)

On the Eve of a made up Holiday? Or on the Eve of an actual Holiday? On the Eve of nothing or maybe something? The day before some people plan on beginning a War? On the day you met Morrissey? On the day you attended a benefit for Girls Rock Chicago? I mean, how do you really FEEL about Thursdays anyway?

None of this means much to anyone anyway, if they don’t know why there is a light that will never go out. Or what it means to a little girl who traveled miles alone to hold a guitar for her first time. Or why a person feels compelled to “Remember, Remember the 5th of November.” If none of that rings a bell then maybe this means nothing. Or, maybe somehow, it does mean something.


So, if you’re me, you might as well start off with a simple reminder.

“I am terrible at Math.”

That is how, I am here at day Zero, still with one day to go.

And from there, I guess I just say whatever.

Don’t forget, it’s only Facebook.


This Non-Place that most people I know look at on a Semi-Regular Basis.

This slight turn, just past the fork, in the pretend road.

The pit stop. The gas station.

The little place in the middle of nowhere.

It all depends on how badly you need gas. Or a snack.

Or how badly you have to go pee.

It might mean nothing, or it might be a life saver.


Either way, here we are, together.

After you have procured yourself a computer. And established Internet Service. And registered your New Mailing Address with the Global Postal Service. Here you are, with me, Online. In our little town. Where we do exactly the same shit we always have done…just on a much, much larger scale.

We show each other pictures of the stuff we love. Our families and our kids and our homes and what we ate for dinner. We share information and we talk about current events. We make jokes. We make plans. We do business. We share joy and we share sadness. We show each other videos and sometimes we even play songs.

We. Make. Friends.

This might be the Futureworld.

But we have actually been at this for Centuries.

Just never the way you are experiencing it.

Right now.

In your lifetime. In this lifetime.

The one we are in, no matter where life finds you on the surface of the planet.

It is still home. ♥

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July 1, 2011 – Song 239

The book I am reading said if I ever feel lost I should just chill out and wait for a guide to appear.

Sometimes I laugh about this stuff after I read it. Like, Ok, I’ll just wait here for an eagle to jump out of a cloud or something. But I usually try anyway. It’s not like I have a better plan.

Rhiannon didn’t do anything flashy though. She just said “Hi Sarah.”

Duh. Song 239.

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