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September 29, 2011 – Song 330 (Day 36)

I could say this:
Your choose your best friends because they make you face your true self.

But because I crack myself up, instead I say:
Nothing like spending time with your inside magnets to remind you why the desert once ruled your dreams.

It’s annoying right?

Well, not quite as annoying as a funny little snarky fish smoking all your cigarettes and telling you…

Forget about the water. ♥ Song 330 (Day 36)

Today the first human I talked to, a stranger, told me that his friend in the FBI said they get most of their info on a new suspect from Facebook. Which made me laugh.

You can guess why, I’d assume.

But what do I have to hide? I’ll tell you anything. And have. That I smoke? (considering quitting) That I swear a lot? (fuck that is gonna be hard to stop) That I think a lot of weird ideas? So do lots of people I know. It’s a free country, right?

If the USA wanted to bust me for something what could they even pull out of this pile of fruit loops?

But then a post I saw the other day crossed my mind.

Don’t Bogart the can man.

What if that really was it. As silly as it seems. What if that was the thing most peaceful people could legitimately be arrested for according to the current laws? Not even if you had actually done it?

Guilt by association. Guilt by a friendship.

Guilt by a funny comment.

Just enough something, to have a reason.

Listen man, I might be into a lot of stuff, but conspiracy theories are not one of them.

You figure it out. And report back. But not on Facebook.

In fact, send me a postcard, stoner. ♥

Shit, now you’re in for.

Oh shit.

What do people say instead of Shit?

I really don’t think people are going to take me seriously if I say Shazbot instead.

Crap is still ok, right? Even my Mom says that.

(I’d say ‘Sorry Mom’ but she says that one. A lot. ♥)

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