All About It

One day, I decided I wanted to post a song every single day on Facebook for one whole year. It turns out I also like to write some stuff sometimes. And sometimes, well, not so much.

All of this started when I was assisting my friend Gwen while she DJed a wedding. She played the song “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and everyone went fucking bonkers.

The thing is, I am a huge Tom Petty fan, but in all of my years DJing weddings I had never actually played a Tom Petty song, not even once. I never even thought of it. But sitting there watching everyone sing along I realized I do the same thing every single day. I have at least one moment, one quiet moment, inside a song. And that means something. Somehow.

When you’re down it’s hard to remember that one day you’ll be back up again.

Lindsey Buckingham taught me that. Way before I was doing this, even before this idea was totally formed in my mind, I posted this video on Facebook on a shitty day. Looking back now, I realize I was DJing that day of my life. I was taking back the night, as they say.

That’s the part of the story that unfolded, a month later, while I was sitting there inside of “American Girl”. I decided I wanted to know what the road to November 5th 2011 looked like. It was gonna happen one way or the other. And it became clear that I could spend the time until then feeling crappy OR I could just do something totally awesome instead.

So I made myself one little promise. And here it is.

Patton Oswalt called into The Best Show on WFMU on January 11th 2011. Here is part of the conversation he had with the host Tom Scharpling.

Patton: “Well like I always wonder about that woman, I think her name is Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love? And she went on this amazing adventure and really kinda got her life together and then at the end of the book it’s like I’m balanced and I have figured it out. And there we go. And then, but then the book is massive and she has to write a sequel. And the sequel is like, yeah well I’m still married and I got married and now I’m happy. Sorry. Now I’m not, I kinda, that book worked my life out for me. So, here’s about me being rich and happy.”

Tom: “Yeah. Like trying to find some angle on it that makes it like not completely repulsive to everybody. Well I’ve kinda got everything now.”

Patton: “Yeah you realize like one of the things that is a good memoir is a lot of chaos and you can only have so much chaos in your life until you just go completely crazy. So there has to be that balance between. Uhh, I guess I’m done writing books.”

Tom: “Yeah exactly. Either there is no more chaos to write about or there is so much chaos you might not be writing a book you might be fending off chaos too much of the time.”

Patton: “Yeah. You might be dead at some point.”

*One gillion thanks to the very talented Steve “Plastic Crimewave” Krakow for his kick ass illustration and to the amazing Ms. Martha Williams for her unparalleled photography skills set.

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