June 29, 2011 – Song 237

So I have learned something recently. It would seem that old Mary Poppins was right. A spoonful of sugar really is the way to go.

If you make people laugh you can say almost anything.

For example, try THIS load of crap on for size. Song 237.

A strange book recently came into my world. It was written by Pete A. Sanders, an MIT professor, and it is about the other “senses”. According to him, there are actually Nine. Four beyond the ones we take for granted. Which is extra funny, because apparently the CIA doesn’t find them funny at all. In fact, they find them useful, and have for a while.

I’m not gonna bust all into it tonight, but I was struck by something a friend said earlier this evening. He was telling me about a situation at work and described his reaction in terms of his “insecurities”.

So I asked him where he got the words for his feelings. He didn’t know, exactly. Exactly. Someone, somewhere, once told him that if he felt weird or off, that he was just experiencing himself, in the real world, incorrectly. He was not secure. He was insecure. But what if he was exactly right instead? What if you removed the negative explanation already in his mind?

They are just words, that someone, once told him.

What if instead, he is actually gifted? Gifted at literally “feeling” the tension between coworkers? Gifted at being able to sense a fight that went down in a room that he entered moments later? Gifted at being able to read the things other people were not saying? Kind of changes the whole moment right? Instead of being ashamed, you’re one of the X-Men.

One of my favorite thoughts ever, came from the science historian James Burke. In so many words, he was talking about people making fun of the fact that humans once thought that the world was flat. Those dummies! But his response was “I wonder what it looked like when it was.”

At that time, the world might as well have been flat, the way most people once related to it.

I am proud to have once attended the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. A very long time ago, a man named Copernicus once studied there too. He was the person, although then it was considered blasphemy, who suggested the Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe.

Which is now normal. The standard. No one now denies that this planet spins around something else.

Sometimes I wonder what people will someday think of us.

So downright convinced that we are all little Suns.

Those dummies!

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