April 22, 2011 – Song 169

There is something weird that happens to you if every night before you go to bed you spend time thinking about all the conversations you’ve had in one single day. People have crossed your path, and you have crossed other people’s. Some of those crossings were expected.

And well, some just weren’t. Song 169.

The funny thing is if you think about your day since you first opened your eyes you’ll realize that as it went by a certain mood was set. The paths you crossed and the ideas that came about seeped into the rest of your outlook and put their mark on the things you yourself later thought or even said out loud.

If you hadn’t talked to Person A today then maybe the way you dealt with Person F would be completely different. And if Person B hadn’t got on your last goddamned nerve, then maybe you would have had more patience by the time Person J showed up. But maybe, if Person J hadn’t so thoroughly annoyed you, by the time Person M said Hi and so obviously needed a friend, you wouldn’t have been so refreshed to hear an honest account of their difficult day. Maybe it wouldn’t have been as easy for you to see that Person M tries really hard to be cool even when their deck is fucking stacked. And so on.

Who can say, really? It’s all just random…right?

Now add to that, the thought that any one of the people in your personal Alphabet could have been hit by a bus before they even had the chance to get a word out edgewise, then well, you just might end up here. Googling the shit out of Billy Joel.

And to think, you could have never gotten the chance to see this amazing nonsense.

But who can say?


Shitty weather makes me grumpy.

I’m still grumpy!

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