April 21, 2011 – Song 168

Straight to the Point Late Night General Explanation of Astrology.

Song 168.

According to the general idea of Astrology, everyone has Twelve Houses. And they all mean something different. Just like the planets have their meanings. Mars anyone?

On the day you were born all of the nine planets in our Solar System were sitting in one of your Houses.

But the planets move through the sky just like you move through life. And today, right now, they are just up there, hanging out somewhere, yet again.

In a whole other line em up.

Someone who knows better than you (unless you are so inclined) can tell you where they are exactly and what that might mean, for you.

If you are so interested.

Your First House is your House of Self.

And apparently, I’ve got five outta nine all jammed up in there at the moment.

According to some, that means something huge.

But only time will tell.

As they say.

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