April 16, 2011 – Song 163

Happy Record Store Day!

Song 163.

Berlitz – Seam

This might be legend but, rumor has it, that a certain dude who set up a ton of all ages shows when I was growing up on the outskirts of Chicago had religious parents that had a dream he would one day be a youth minister. Which he rebelled against. Or totally fulfilled? I don’t know really. But I do know I was a bored ass teenager who would have gotten into way more trouble if I hadn’t always been coming up with a scheme, let alone gas money, to make the trek to Off The Alley or The Third Floor or The Pit or The Fireside or The Berkley Hillside Presbyterian Church.

Recently, it has donned on me that having shows at Reckless really does rule. The economy is in the crapper, and our instores are always free.

And, maybe most importantly, they are always, All Ages.

Because, we do remember what it was like.

In fact, I still remember driving all the way downtown, to the big city, just to see Seam play.

Instore, at the Wicker Park Reckless. ♥

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