April 14, 2011 – Song 161

Personally, my star sign is never wrong.

Trust me on this, I’ve talked to the experts.

Song 161.

Technology blows my whole mindhole. The Industrial Revolution is just over 100 years old. A baby blip in Human history. And within it we have gone from Model T’s to Space Shuttles, neither of which we can afford to fuel, in more ways than o…ne.

Human beings now have the ability to make Human beings. And not in the old fashioned way if you know what I mean. But we still don’t know how to feed all the ones we’ve already got. We have also figured out how to make something capable of blowing us all to kingdom come. Progress, indeed.

In the span of a lifetime the whole universe has changed. Because we changed it. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. And yet, people are so sure of how it will go.

You can not possibly know. Nobody can.

In this world of constant connection you can use the tools around you for so many things. For work, for fun, for art, for war, for peace, for music, for Science, or just to play video games. You can talk to your loved ones and you can talk to strangers.

You can even use it to jog your own memory.

You can take a picture of your parking space at the mall so you aren’t left wandering like a fool and you can leave yourself notes in the most unlikely of places.

On the wall of the cave if you will.

Even if it takes you ten years to see it again.

You were here.

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