March 29, 2011 – Song 145

Facebook Blows My Hole Mindhole.

(The Partial Unfinished Theory Of The Philosophy of Facebook.)

By Sarah Frier

Song 145.

Seven Wonders – Fleetwood Mac

A picture of something on Facebook changed my life. I am not sure how to be more dramatic about it. That’s what happened to me. I was there and I saw it. And I have recently checked in with some old friends and it’s been confirmed. I am not totally crazy, my memory works reasonably well and while there might not be such a thing as coincidences, it is fun to believe in surprises.

On a day that was sadder than sad I was standing in my kitchen holding an avocado masher, as in the tool humans use to make guacamole. That is, if your weird Mom puts it in your Christmas stocking or as luck would have it, somebody else’s. I didn’t know whether I should put it in a box, back in the drawer or maybe even, possibly, in the garbage. And I couldn’t think about it anymore.

It was killing me.

So I went on Facebook.

And I saw a funny picture that someone had posted. It was about seafood and strangely enough, Reggae.

Before I knew it I was clicking through a bunch of pictures. And I wasn’t exactly laughing but at least I wasn’t standing in the kitchen like a moron anymore.

And then there it was. A Gamechanger if you will.

It was a picture of a funny looking lost dog that this person had found in the world and helped to get home. And, according to them, this mission would not have been possible without the help of strangers.

It cut me in two. It made my brain hurt. And, it made me cry. Because, I realized…


But I kept on clicking. Because, well, I had quit. Trying. And then there it was.


The Day The Universe Changed.

I have never been to New Zealand so I have never seen this thing with thine eyes but there is something there that looks like the Space Needle in Seattle. And apparently you can jump off of it, if you are so inclined. It had been a recent topic of conversations in my life. My advice to a person considering said extreme sport was something along the lines of “You should totally do it if you think you should. Mountain Dew!” That person needed to feel something that they weren’t. And I wanted them, very, very badly, to find it. And to feel it. Because I loved them and I wanted them to be happy.

And if that’s what they needed to do then that’s ok. I’m just glad they wore a helmet.

The very next picture was a picture of a picture of this NZ Space Needle on the cover of some magazine. And there were all kinds of words on the cover about the articles inside. I don’t know what this article was about but the words “Only Kindness Matters” were there, plain as day, on the cover, in this picture of a picture that someone put on Facebook. I thought I had gone insane. And well, I just might of. It depends on who you ask.

I joke a lot about Facebook being the Collective Unconscious and that things like this are as important as the Manhattan Project. I joke about a lot of things actually. But this is no joke. At least that’s how the Universe looks from in here.


On a different sadder than sad day I posted a song on Facebook by Fleetwood Mac called Never Going Back Again. I guess I wanted to talk to someone or at least tell someone something but I didn’t know who and and I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how. So I just did that, because, I guess, I just thought I should. Mountain Dew! My friend Melanie immediately commented something like “Three hugs coming your way.” because, she is kind. And she is the mother of triplets. Three little birds to be exact. She knew my story and so she knew why I posted that. It didn’t exactly feel like a hug but then again it also sort of didn’t. Not. Didn’t not. Oh fuck it. You catch my drift.


You can tell a lot about people by the things they love. At least that is the starting point of my web based research.

Personally, I guess I am kind of a Rasta. Because I only believe in the one.

But oh man, the commentator is a real Negative Nancy. I’d try to tell him that change is where you see it but, we’re not friends on Facebook. Yet.

Bob Marley One Love Peace Concert


And on that note something weird keeps happening. In “real” life. Outside of Facebook. Off the public stage. I get emails from people who saw things I posted. And sometimes, I even get text messages. It depends. On how well they “actually” know me I guess. Sometimes people just say things to my face. My regular face. And sometimes they don’t. But I can tell when they look me in the eye and give me a hug that they saw something. And I can also tell how hard it is. It’s one of the reasons that it’s always been difficult for me to make eye contact. Because I can tell. And I am just one lady. With all the same problems, sort of. And I am not a god. I don’t know how to fix it and I sure as shit can’t make it stop. But I guess I figured if I showed people how it worked for me than it might help them find a way of their own. 1♥.

And that is exactly how you do that. Well at least, that’s my theory. I’m still testing it.

By the way, if you want to get weird (And I know that you sometimes do) I was born the year this was recorded. And this year, very soon in fact, I will be as old as Jesus was when men, not nature and certainly not god, decided he should die. At least that’s how the story goes as far as I’ve been told. Polish people think it’s a very lucky time. Your Christ Years, according to some. So what does that make me? Still nothing. Nothing at all. Well, I guess I am still just one lady.

Although I do try to be a Ladydude. As best as I know how. ♥


I didn’t know how to do this so I checked in with some members of my tribe.

And some of them just decided, on their own, randomly, to check in with me.

Thanks for the text message Caroline. I’m beginning to think you just ARE love.

And yes I do want to go mediate with you Annie, what a great suggestion. That’s why you’re the boss.

And Ben, thanks for the call and I know you are gonna be just fine. I can tell.

And I love you Mom. Since the day I was born weird.

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