March 24, 2011 – Song 140

Still gets a *sigh* Song 140.

My first year in college I spent most of my free time either at the Fireside Bowl or in the dorm room directly below mine. That was the year that Trainspotting (the movie) came out and everyone was bananas for the soundtrack. Including me and my roommate. We literally spent days downstairs dancing to The Underworld with our new friends from down under.

One of the guys in that room was the first openly gay person I had ever known. Although that didn’t seem to stop either my roommate or I from developing massive crushes on him. Semi-Competitive crushes even, which is so stupid because the dude was so gay. Super gay even. But still we would get really jealous over him. It was actually kind of a problem for a bit between us. But then the downstairs dance parties got more and more popular and there were more girls around. He was a REALLY good dancer. And well, we might never figure out which one of us he liked better, but we sure as shit weren’t gonna share him with any other bitches. Teamwork!

A lot of my other “more punk” friends couldn’t understand why we liked hanging out in the dorms so much, but to this day those were some of the most intense dance parties I have ever attended.

We would cram into that dorm room and dance until we were dripping with sweat. I have never been into any kind of sport that did that kind of thing to me. On more than one occasion I even remember dropping to my knees. And not on purpose. At some point during the year, someone got the double Best of New Order CD. And that was the end of it. From then on we only went upstairs to get more drinks.

I know that it doesn’t exactly sound religious but it felt better than anything I had ever experienced in an actual church, although, I do appreciate that works for other people. But what’s weird, is that I think the reason I can appreciate that it can work in other ways is because I found the way that it works for me.

Do you know what? Not to sound like a dick but I kind of think if you don’t appreciate that it works all kinds of ways then your way isn’t actually working. Like at all.

Maybe you broke it? Or maybe somebody else broke it for you? Don’t worry though. I bet it can be fixed. Most things can. At least most things that are worth keeping. ♥

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