March 23, 2011 – Song 139

I heard Nancy Wilson once talking about how when she first got her guitar she would sleep with it at night and wake up with the fret board imprinted on her face. I like to think about that when I think of things that are awesome. Song 139.

I don’t know if there has ever been a better example of fashion do’s and don’ts all mushed together.

I’m looking at you nipples.

Actually I’m not.

Wait, oh shit, I totally am!

Here’s something else awesome that a 4th grade girl taught me today: 

Did you know that a little girl named Ayokeh helped her father Sequoyah develop the written language that the Cherokee people use to this day? Unable to find people willing to learn the syllabary, he taught it to his daughter Ayokeh, and then traveled to present-day Arkansas where some Cherokee had settled. When he tried to convince the local leaders of the syllabary’s usefulness, they doubted him, believing that the symbols were merely reminders. Sequoyah asked each of them to say a word, which he wrote down, and then called his daughter in to read the words back.

This story made my young friend’s heart explode.

And that exploded mine. ♥

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