March 18, 2011 – Song 134

Field trip! Song 134.

Tonight was my friend’s birthday. And, oh man, his karaoke spot was pretty damn hot.

I saw more girls kill it tonight then I have ever seen.

So many in fact, it was hard to pick a jam.

But as it goes, on my very best days, this one picked itself.

The night before last I ended up in a discussion with my girls about how shitty girls can be. Ourselves included. But at least, we respect the Girl Code. It blows my mind that there are still ladies afoot who don’t. By the way, if you ever meet a lady who says she “Doesn’t get along with women.” than there is something wrong with her. Don’t believe me? Just wait. You’ll find out eventually.

Here’s something amazing a friend posted recently that blew my whole mindhole.

Types of Bitches.

Funnily enough, a good portion of the conversation that night revolved around Junior High bitches. Fucking Brutal.

It was cathartic to talk about how petty and awful a lot of that long ago crap was. It seems silly, but that bullshit travels with you. The insecurities you form in those seemingly insignificant moments can last a lifetime. But what’s really funny, is that during the conversation, one person kept popping into my head.

When I first met her, her name was Laura.

I went to school with a very delightfully odd girl named Laura. She ALWAYS marched to the beat of her own drummer. I wish I could say that I recognized how awesome that was at the time. But I didn’t. I knew I liked it, but I have to admit, I was too concerned with feeling like I fit in to appreciate it properly. When we were eleven or so she decided to change her name to Alaethia. Why? I’m not sure. But she simply never answered to the name Laura again. And I have never forgotten her. In fact, when I think about all the stupid little things that made me feel embarrassed or weird growing up, she often pops into my mind. Like the other night. I’d give my left nut to go back in time and to have said it out loud. Because I was thinking of her. It would have put a real cherry on the strange sunday. And by sunday, I mean Thursday night.

Telling those stories and realizing that everybody has them still lodged all up in their ether, somewhere, makes you think about the way you wish you could have been. But even Cher can’t turn it back.

Just so you know, Alaethia…I always thought you were a complete and total badass.

Godspeed in New York, and I look forward to seeing you again.

But this time let’s not wait 15 years. ♥ Truth.

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