March 16, 2011 – Song 132

Tonight someone I don’t really know told me I was a weird lady.

I couldn’t get a word in edgewise but if I could, I would have simply said,

“Thank you.” Song 132.

Among other topics, in a pretty one sided conversation, something I said about Chicago being a tough city was taken incorrectly. I don’t think living in Chicago is really that hard. And here’s why. Because this fucking town makes fun of itself. Every single day. It’s a major city, with major city problems and still some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am proud of that. You know what’s tougher than tough? Being fucking nice. Despite how ugly things can be around you. But we’re still gonna give you a hard time about it. To make fun of almost everything is in our nature. We make inappropriate jokes and we yank chains. I think it’s to make you realize how fucking good you actually have it. No one here gives a rip where you work or how much you make or what you can do for them.

But do I want to sit next to you and drink a beer? Because that’s the real question.


Today started with such a circle taking a square that I can’t even begin to explain how many levels of strange it is. And today ended with a friend asking how anonymous I would like to be because she would like to write something about the very thing that made the start of today so weird in the first place. I’m not gonna spell it out for you. But do you know what else I’ve realized? I’m not embarrassed either. I mean how can you be when this is your actual life?

I. Hot Air Chicago takes your ass to church.

II. George Micheal had an incredible beard.

In her words what we say about life is so real that you can tell. She also said she looks like a total nut at work because listening to it makes her laugh out loud.

You deserve it girl. Because you are one badass Ladydude.

I could live for one hundred years and never feel so complimented.


The reason I was out tonight was because an old friend is in town. He said having so many people he likes is the one thing missing from his new spot. He said he wished we could all move somewhere together. But I guess the real joke is, most of us haven’t left.

There is this tradition Polish people partake in on Christmas Eve. We each take a piece of an opłatek wafer, which is like a postcard sized Communion cookie. You go around the room breaking and eating a piece of everyone else’s as you offer them a wish for the New Year. Like, “I wish you great health and and happiness.” or the ever popular “I hope you get married.” Blah blah, Yada yada.

On my way out tonight I stopped to hug a friend who has also had a go of it lately. And out of nowhere, having heard nothing about my day, he gave me this blessing.

“I hope things keep staying so weird for you.”

Me too man. I just wish I had a wafer. ♥

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