March 12, 2011 – Song 128

Hey fancy architecture party! You owe me one.

Because it’s pretty obvious you have no idea what your doing.

Not to be bossy, but well, too late.

Song 128.

Here are some tips:

-Show off the fucking building you are celebrating. Especially when it’s THIS badass.

-Impressing people with your “vibe” is so 2000.

-If you’re gonna charge people $75 then have some food for christsakes.

You might as well have had that party in a strip mall with all your creativity. God Is In The Details* my friends. And while the Inland Steel Building might be an Icon your party was an Iconic bore.

Under the impending Nazi rule many members of the German Bauhaus relocated to Chicago. And I’m talking big deal people here like Walter Gropius and László Moholy-Nagy.

It was a fucking gift.

The Bauhaus
The course of history that lead to buildings like this is the story of some of the world’s greatest minds changing the fabric of this dumb cornfield forever.

That deserves a goddamn hoedown.

So anyway, yawn. An Eames chair here and there doesn’t impress anyone. In fact, I’m sure both Charles and Ray would much rather hang with us.

*Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said that. And he was spot on.

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