February 28, 2011 – Song 116

Many years ago I found a book at my folks house that belonged to my little brother* as a child. It’s called “The Missing Piece” and it’s by Chicago’s own Shel Silverstein.

Since then, I have given it as a gift, many, many, times. And while the kids do seem to love it, it’s always the adults who tear the fuck up.

Song 116.

But of course, as it seems to go with the very simplest of things, there is just no use trying to explain it.

Although this little nugget does seem to know which way is up.

Happy weading!

*My personal copy, a hand-me-up from my brother if you will, has all of the dudes colored in to resemble Pac Mans. ♥ Drawn on with a Quarter Missing if you catch my cryptic drift.

Oh wait…is this where I mention that I always imagine this being the song the little guy in the book sings? Or maybe this is where I point out that this song references The Lord of the Rings and being on a quest to find Arwen of the “If you want him come and claim him” fame?

No way Jose! I’ve got a very, very cool reputation to preserve.

Sweet Jesus.

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