February 27, 2011 – Song 115

One of my bosses is a Revolting Cock and the other one is the leader of The Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band.

I cannot express to you how much joy that sentence brings to me.

Dear Annie Coleman, Jeanine Mary, Lawrence Peters and the rest of the crew. I am so slayed but what I saw tonight that I am raising the bar to downright D ‘n Q.

Drawn and Quartered.

So, The Universe, please explain, if you will, how a fool like me ever got so lucky. Cause there’s a good chance I’ll never figure it out. Song 115. 


There is a question that I have been avoiding talking about “in public” if you will. It’s one I have gotten so used to explaining that I literally keep a rough explanation post it on my desktop so I can copy and paste my general response into the private messages I receive.

It almost always goes down the same way.

A friend notices that I am posting songs. And at this point, that it’s been going on for a while. The messages usually contain something to the effect of: are you alright/what happened?

But the truth is, I’m not sure. And more importantly, it doesn’t really matter.

The thing that matters is that I paused.

And that I plan on continuing to pause, for one whole year.

But to make up for that, I decided to turn on the stereo.

Real loud.


In reference to any number of the amazing women I am honored to know, I have heard the same phrase uttered, time and time again.

“How is ______ single?”

I used to say, “Man, I don’t know.”

But I have recently changed my tune.

So now when said question is raised, as it most certainly will be again, on account of the badass company I’m honored to keep, I just wink and shrug.

“Fabulously. That’s how.”


Chris Connelly
‘s story goes far beyond his days as a Revolting Cock. He is also an accomplished solo artist and author.

Mostly I just know him as a really cool Dad. ♥

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