February 26, 2011 – Song 114

I’m not gonna claim to know shit about anything. But I have learned some things about stuff in my time. But first, and probably most importantly, I have learned that I don’t know shit about anything. And neither do you.

No one knows what it’s like to be anyone but ourselves. Song 114.

At the record store we have bands play from time to time. And the other day we had a great in-store performance by Dirty Beaches. A lovely dude, just playing his music. Out of nowhere the next day a stranger wrote something on our Facebook page that was so ignorant it still makes my steam rise. You can say what you want about us, the answer of course is, fuck you too, but your intolerance will not be tolerated. Period.

But there’s no use getting mad about it. There will always be Turdburgers in this world.

I was recently in New Orleans and I’m not sure if this is a New Orleans thing or not, but in several places we went there were signs that said “Be Nice or Leave.” I like that, a lot.

I consider myself infinitely lucky to be surrounded by people who don’t assume that their worldview is the only one just because it’s theirs. I also appreciate at the same time all of the things that people have sacrificed in their lives to be a part of this country. I really do. And I will forever defend your right to feel the way you do and speak your mind. I will however match that with my desire to have exactly the same goddamned right. So keep barking if you like, but everyone thinks their dog is the cutest dog in the whole world if you know what I mean. Because you love them the most. Just like I love mine.

I guess I just wish we said “Man isn’t it crazy how much we all love dogs?” to one another more often. Have you ever picked up a dog shit in a plastic bag only to realize there was a tiny hole in it and now you’ve got poop on your hand?

Because I sure have. More than once.

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