February 21, 2011 – Song 109

Dear Libras in my Life,

Be you Moms or Lunchmeat, I applaud you. You diffuse bombs like nothing I have ever known. Usually with nothing more than a simple sentence that leaves me suddenly standing, sword in hand, panting, trying to remember what I was prepared to fight to the death about in the first place. It’s a quiet talent. But it’s louder than shouting.

Song 109.

There are many moments that happen when you DJ. Sometimes you see friends and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes people you don’t know complain and sometimes people you don’t know ask you to marry them. You play songs you love and you play song…s you know other people will love. And sometimes you just play songs just because you know how long they are and you have got to go pee.

But it’s pretty rare for me, even though I’m someone who thinks a lot about songs, to not play something, from my own fucking record collection, that all of a sudden surprises myself. Not that I’m playing it, I obviously dragged it out with me, but just a little surprise, one more along the lines of “Oh yeah, that’s how that got here.”


A Libra in my life recently said something I hope I never forget. I was complaining about a friend who I felt was being stubborn and was, in my mind, refusing to play along. This little Libra paused for a second and then said “Oh no, she’s playing. She’s just playing a different game than you.”

Touche goddamnit. Touche.


Tonight I realized, in my mind, when I hear this song, it feels like an apology written especially for me.

But the truth is, I’m most likely the one who should be doing the apologizing.

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