February 20, 2011 – Song 108

Song 108.

Starbuck rules.

But this song might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

All Along the Watchtower – Battlestar Galactica

“Because the basic method of mindfulness is quantitative, it’s asking for tracking variables in terms of how much of what when and where changing at what rate. And because Western science is designed exactly to do that, it seems to me that there’s a natural meeting point for these two sciences. And that would give birth to a new science, a true science of Enlightenment that would be acceptable to any scientific thinking person in the world because there would be empirical data and mathematical equations to back it up.But you know what happens with new science comes new technology. And so as a meditation teacher my fondest hope is that in a hundred years meditation is obsolete. Do you understand? That seems very radical right? I devote my life to spreading meditation I would like to see it obsolete. Obsolete in the sense that the horse and buggy is obsolete. Because a new technology can do the same job better.” 

“My happiest thought as a 21st century scientifically oriented Buddhist teacher is that there are many deep and significant things about Enlightenment that no human being knows at this time. Not the greatest masters of the past, not the greatest living Zen masters, not the Buddha himself. There are things to learn about it. And those things can only be learned from bringing the light of science to it and when we do we will accompany that with a new technology that will essentially make classical Liberation or Enlightenment available to any consenting adult on the planet.”

-Divide and Conquer: How the Essence of Mindfulness Parallels the Nuts and Bolts of Science by Shinzen Young

I spent an hour of my life listening to this because I tend to like what Jill Coyne is tossing out. It was one of the best decisions I made all week. I’m not sure what your week was like but if you need a bump up…

You can lead a horse to the bar but you can’t buy him a goddamned beer as they say. ♥

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