February 16, 2011 – Song 104

I pride myself on having great and yet totally unbiased tastes. For example, I have a love for both Destiny’s Child and Can. Each for their own reasons. But if there is one thing that I love more than anything, it’s a great Romantic Comedy. Song 104.

I literally can’t get enough of them. And so as this ridiculous year of my life unfolds I plan on dedicating a song to each one of my number one favorites, in due time.

Thus far, only The Graduate has made the list. But there are so, SO many more.

Please understand, that because this subject is so close to my heart, I long ago took a solemn oath to do my very best to give any Rom Com a chance. As they say, it could be lunchmeat, it could be peaches. Who knows, right?

But what it is that makes a Rom Com great to me is hard to put into words. I guess, first of all, there is the big mistake a lot of people make in my mind: The main characters always get together in the end. If that is the story, then fine, but that is not always the mark of a great romance. Some of my all time favorites do not end this way. Not at all. I for one would trade the scene in “Annie Hall” where Annie calls Alvy in the middle of the night to kill a spider for her long after they have broken up for a scene where you see some dude who is “an asshole” be nice to a kid any goddamned day of the week. And by week I mean weak. Oh, I’m so funny, just like the female lead’s less attractive, sassy, over sexed best friend. I mean come on man.

Genius is supposed to steal, not stale. “Valentine’s Day” is no fucking “Love Actually” you know what I’m saying?

Anywho, on Valentine’s Day (the regular day not the crappy movie) I went to see “Just Go With It” with my friend Kate*. And, it had a few spots, but overall it was a real can of Lunchmeat. (sorry for the negative connotation Lady Lunchmeat ♥) But, you just never know. I mean, French Kiss kicks ass.

That’s right. I said it. Unbiased.

*I’d do a mini review for you but instead I’ll just tell you flat out, the two very best things about it was that Kate suggested we get nachos and this song.

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