February 7, 2011 – Song 95

Caroline’s Mom grew up in the slums of Ireland. Once, when she was a kid Caroline was being a pain in the ass about getting up and getting ready for school. Her Mom looked at her and said:

“You don’t know how special it is to be able to take a hot shower.”


Her Mom didn’t make a big deal about it that morning, but she must have said it in some kind of way that you say something to someone you love so that they will never forget it. Maybe it was the eye contact? Maybe it was the word “special”?… Who knows? She probably didn’t even do it on purpose, she just meant it and so it just happened.

And the only thing Caroline can say in way of explanation is that she knew it must be important because she has never forgotten it and has repeated it and the story to other people. Like me.

And I can’t explain it either. But I have thought about it every time I stand in a hot shower ever since Caroline said it to me.

“It changes your whole perspective on the day.”

Guid mornin Motel 6! Song 95.


The two dummies just drove 17 hours so they could get to El Paso where the time change would allow them an extra hour only to find out that they can’t fall asleep.

Caroline: “Well, at least we know the caffeine works.”

Sarah: “Do you mean like it wasn’t broken?”

The two dummies laugh hysterically for about five minutes.

It took Caroline multiple tries to get this next sentence out. It was adorable.

“Somebody needs to write that down. And by somebody, I mean you.”

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