February 6, 2011 – Song 94

This isn’t my first hurricane.

Oh HOLY SHIT. If there was one person I know that has always been surrounded by magic it’s little Miss Erin Dance.

Thanks to you and Josh for always being so chill. Always. Period. Song 94.

Erin’s midas touch is so natural that I can only think one thing when I am around her. “I don’t know what she’s got, but God I hope it’s contagious.”

Pulling up tonight so unexpectedly in Houston (it’s not exactly between Chicago and LA) we turned down Erin’s street and tried to figure out which house it was. But that’s when I remembered even though I have never been here, I had seen it before.

Oh, duh, that’s right, it’s where the robot lives.

Of course.

The first night of our trip Caroline did this thing that just slayed me. I came out of the bathroom to go to sleep and she had hung up a strand of Christmas lights. You know, for ambience. It was so simple and it was so Erin Dance Pants. I fell asleep that night thinking about her and how randomly having her as a roommate for several years of my life changed it’s course forever. How was I to know that the next day a jackass blizzard would force us South? First to New Orleans and now to Houston? But oh man, I am so glad it did.

Finally headed West on the Route of Ridiculous.

On the drive here Caroline and I broke some shit down. And I’m not gonna get all into it tonight but part of the conversation involved the time I went to Jamaica. I stayed in an all inclusive resort (Jamaican Owned, 1♥) next to a resort called Hedonism II. In the day time the beaches were public domain so we walked through it. And it was disturbing. Without getting too graphic just imagine a bunch of naked raisins. But like the white grape kind. Old gross skeezy naked raisins. The funny thing was though as you got to the other side where the resort touched the next one, “Sandles” if I’m not mistaken, there was a whole zone of normal seeming people all with their suits on. Victims of the old bait and switch I’d say.

Of course Erin didn’t know that tonight when she said,
“Hey watch this funny video.”

Hedonism II

The reason I was telling Caroline about that vacation in the first place was because I saw something on a “field trip” to a Spice Farm outside of Negril that has given me a whole new perspective on the “Others”. Did I just say that? Fuck yeah I did. As they say “I’m ok to go. I’m ok to go.” I told Erin the story tonight and one day I’ll tell you too. And on that day all I can hope is that you still like me and that it makes you think of something insane too. And that you want to share it with me.

Here is Erin’s entry. Like I said people, The Midas Touch.

Hertz Donut

Before we went to bed we were discussing the house they live in and how soundly things used to be built. The area was hit by Hurricane Ike (wow, I am so not making that joke right?) but barely had any real damage. Josh then said something that crushed me.

“The house was just like…Hey. Bring it on. This isn’t my first hurricane.”

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