February 3, 2011 – Song 91

I make a lot of jokes about what goes on south of the Mason Dixon but it’s a load of Yankee shit. Some of my very favorite people are from the South. And ever since Caroline and I made the executive decision to take the extra long route we have met nothing but super ladies and better and better weather.

Southward Ho The Women!

Please accept this song, Dear Belles of the Howard Johnson and the ajoining Applebees, from our frozen tundra to yours. Song 91.

Today started with Caroline and I in a hotel room 150 miles east of the frozen shut border to Oklahoma listing everything that we should take into consideration like proper adults. We considered the Weather Channel results, every single highway traffic report we could Google up, how damaged the trailer may or may not be after last nights adventures, MSNBC, CNN, MoDot….even what all of the oldies said in the line for waffles.

Safety is job one, but beyond that it was a crap shoot. Wait a day or maybe days for Oklahoma to thaw? Or backtrack hundreds of miles on a snow covered highway that had tried to kill us just hours ago so we could vaguely head South until we felt the sun?

The route of ridiculous.

I guess at the end of the day. We know who we are.

Houston or Havoc!

Sweet Caroline, born in June, Classic Gemini.

Gemini Feb 2 2011
There are fewer couch potatoes among the Gemini tribe than in many other signs. You don’t like to sit still. Your mercurial nature often leaves you feeling restless, and you often have the sense that there is something to be done that you haven’t yet thought of.

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