January 29, 2011 – Song 86

The only way I’ll accept this “New Sign” bullshit is if it officially makes Mister Blake Schwarzenbach (Taurus) an Aries.

Song 86.

“You can look in my palm and see the storm coming.” – Miss Mary J Blige

28 January

No matter how lousy you have ever felt inside, it’s been demonstrated that when a baby smiles at you, you cannot be down or stay depressed.

Your spirits are lifted instantly. It’s contagious.

There’s something about the innocence and purity that intoxicates you, wakes you up, makes you happy. Right now today if you don’t have a baby in front of you it won’t matter.

If you’ve got an Aries around, it’s just as good. Jupiter in Aries with the Moon in Sagittarius is a definite up.

The way you feel after that first zing of espresso.

Aries people are stirring after their seven year sleep and they are rousing other sleepers acting like the harbingers of a cosmic springtime. It’s the first sign of optimism that has appeared like a glowing ember in the cold ashes of what passes for reality.

The Stock Market shows it. It’s the feeling of being alive again.

IS that the end of Pluto in Capricorn? Or does it completely mitigate the tragic consequences of Uranus at 29 Pisces?

Of course not. But can you maybe be cautiously optimistic about a future you were sure wouldn’t be there?

Sure. Why not.

Even while Saturn is retro and things are not moving as fast as you’d like, they are moving.

It’s just as good as if a baby were smiling at you.

Take it while it’s there.

Mister Michael Lutin

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