January 15, 2011 – Song 72

Is it weird that I am seriously considering sleeping with this album* under my pillow just in case there really is something to that whole theory of “osmosis” made probable by the infamous Garfield poster?

Hey Science! I see your process and I raise you a metric grip ton of nonsense. Song 72.

*The Gift by The Jam

Number 72 forever ingrained in the old membrane it would seem.

In high school I was in a “graphic design” class where we made a screen print. My screen was used before and the trace…s were still visible. I made an 8-Bark logo. Whoever had the screen before me made a The Jam logo. It was many, many years before I knew who The Jam was.

It’s odd thinking that kind of thing just ceases to exist. Better for the landfills, but still so removed.

If I was there now I would have just Googled it.
From the palm of my hand.
But, if I was there now it wouldn’t happen anyway.
Circle takes the square.

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