January 11, 2011 – Song 68

Hey!!! YOU. Yes YOU!

Have you said something funny or touching underneath one of these old postamathingies? Because as I make it into a blog I can go though the whole goddamn thing and bleep out everyone’s last names…OR you can live instead in sweet freedom and with reckless abandon like me.

People call me “Frier” waaaay too often in this stuff to go around blotting it all out. So I quit. And then I thought Google yourself. If I do there I am anyway. Well, me and that lady who wrote lots of articles in college for the Daily Tarheel. And if you happen to be Annette Frier and you watch too much Fox News and therefore think that your identity will be stolen and that maybe we should invest in gold, well cool it, I Googled you too and the only person that came up has a “Golden Romy” and we both know who that is. Right Mom?

SO anyway speak now or forever hold your pieces.

Song 68. You in or you out?

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