January 10, 2011 – Song 67a

The wisdom of Elhaj: Part One – The Wave

On one of the very best days I had last summer I got to see Diplo, Pavement, Wolf Parade and amazingly TP & The HB. But even better than all of that was having a picnic with one Miss Emily Elhaj.

Please don’t tell Tom.

WIth Big Boi in the background, not only did this girl pull a blanket, a cucumber and an apple out of her knapsack but she also pulled out a very large pocket knife. It turns out THAT is how you roll when you are from New Orleans. Even if you are inside of a giant music festival. Don’t tell Kirsten. I guess that is why I laughed last time I went to the Metro when the door guy searching my bag reminded me that there was no smoking inside. No shit dude. Do I look like I am from the Big Easy? Anyway, that day Emily told me a couple of stories that I will never forget. I hope now to retell them as best I can, although, you must remember, just like when I tell the story of Jill and Noah’s first date, as I am apt to do, I wasn’t actually there. So I am sure, my version is partly a product of my imagination.

Some stuff had happened to Emily that summer and she was doing her best to work her way through it. And if I am not mistaken, part of that journey often happened while she found herself sitting down by the shores of Lake Michigan. On one particular day she watched as a parent took a young boy out into the water on what I believe is commonly referred to as a Boogie Board. And as a big wave rolls up, the parent lets go. Watching from afar, all Emily can think is “Oh shit! Hold on little dude.” And he does. And he makes it, in one safe piece, slowly to the sand. Eureka! So that’s how it’s done. You gotta hold on to that board, but let go of the wave. And if you’re brave enough to try, you can actually ride it.

All the way to the beach.

I actually missed seeing Best Coast that day. But Emily didn’t. Song 67a.

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