January 8, 2011 – Song 65

Outside of the fact I got to make a joke this evening about doing the “Cuban Slide” during a musical break that went on way, way longer than anticipated, there is just no explaining why doing a Karaoke duet with a Veteran of Foreign War who wears a microphone headset should wipe any kind of slate clean. But oh man, somehow, it just did. Holy shit, Bill, you’ve got bottle. Song 65.

Comedically, while doing this calendar of sorts, I am often pained. Pained because in an honest effort to embarrass no one but myself I took a solemn vow to never make fun of anyone else. And it is a real mission, because, at least in my opinion, I happen to know some of the funniest people ever put on this earth. But for Karmic Reasons that I can not now explain, the number 10 will never just be another number and I am probably forever doomed to burst out laughing at every wedding I will ever attend that involves any sort of “flower girl”.

Be forewarned however, that after the Statute of Limitations has passed, I will one day unleash a memoir of sorts that will split you in two. Alas, I am a lady. And so until that day arrives, just please believe that “Martina Navratilova” is the goddamned funniest thing, that I never actually typed.

It pales in comparison, but I’d at least like to give you something, you know, for showing up.

“I just got lost in your eyes.”

I’m glad this benefited 826 but you should have learned the words Ferrell.

And, of course, as the circle takes the square yet again, this band of weirdos will always get my lace.♥

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