January 4, 2010 – Song 61

A very little person sent me a poem in the mail yesterday.

I love you so much.
I love you to the end.
I love you so much it makes my heart break, Aunt Sarah.

Me too kiddo. Me too. Song 61.

Tonight, I ran into a very wonderful and very weird friend of mine. And although I don’t really know this person that well, I have always, from day one, just downright liked them.

Every time we talk, it really feels like t a l k i n g. You know? So I when I say weird, I truly mean that with the utmost respect. In fact, I would say, that I am simply delighted to know this person. That being stated, I was a touch surprised this evening when she suddenly said to me that she saw something I posted and that it seemed sad and that maybe I should consider therapy. And I guess the thing is, I don’t think she’s wrong…not what so ever. Actually, I think pretty much everyone should consider therapy. But I was just so shocked, because personally, I never think of any of this as being sad, not in a bad way. I mean sure, sometimes sadness is the general theme, but when I write it down and especially when I pick it’s exit song, off it goes. In my eyes that’s the whole thing. It’s just like some of my most favorite songs, heartbreaking, but in a way that makes you remember that you have one, and I think it’s beautiful. At least that’s how it feels to me.

And besides, I have shitty health insurance and you people are free. ♥

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