January 2, 2011 – Song 59

Sometimes you don’t pick this stuff. It picks you. Theme Song 59.

I have decided that this year I will just pretend that I am the star of a sitcom about my life instead of just regular old living it. That way every time something I didn’t like happens it would simply be a part of a comedic set up for a real zinger instead of just a regular old bummer.

Like tonight, after a stellar night of dancing, when some dude decided to upset the herd and be a macho dick. It was actually fun looking at it from the outside while Mere exclaimed “Run Frier! Run!” I figure this way, if I meet someone I don’t like, I only have to survive them for a three part character arc or maybe even just one failed cameo.

So, don’t be alarmed if every once in a while I turn to the imaginary studio audience, shrug my shoulders and say “Sweet Jesus!” It’s just my thing.

And also, every episode of “Streets of Frier” begins with a montage of me looking for my keys.

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