December 26, 2010 – Song 52

I just watched Mike Stanley’s new DVD with my brother and my Uncle Bruce. It was funny as all get out and really filled us with the appropriate type of holiday cheer! Right before that we watched the Great Outdoors…it has it’s moments.

It was a tough call between this and “Land of 1000 Dances” but I wanted to pay some respects to the Upper UB for my stellar Xmas haul which included: The Promise, West Coast Seattle Boy and The Band That Would Be King. As always, exceedingly well played Sir. Song 52.

We have a long day downtown ahead of us so I’m off to lay in bed where I will close my little eyes and try and think of the most boringest shit I possibly can.

*What really blew my mindhole today was how much I love Scrooged.

A. It’s a Christmas Carol inside of another Christmas Carol.
B. Bill Murray looks so cool in the “70’s”.
C. The Christmas future is so Avant Garde and yet so Dune but by my caculations should be roughly the year 2015. So look out people.
D. Absolutely everything about the “Ballbreaker Suite”.

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