December 22, 2010 – Song 48

I am crazy for jokes. Downright crazy. It is a rock solid fact. I cling to anything that makes me laugh like a complete and utter junkie. Maybe even like a fool. The weirder the better, and if we’re talking bittersweet, then forget about it dude, I am a helpless slave.

Some part of me wanted to have a burning party because selfishly I knew it would be funny. And oh man was it. But it was also totally moving just to be there while unbelievable stories spilled out of people that were so theirs and yet were so, so not. And I’m talking Dateline worthy shit here. Massive loads of unimaginable forms just tossed in like nothing. Poof. Cloud of smoke. Profoundly serious for a second and then a dumb ass joke the next. I know not everything disappears. I know that. But you can always find a way to take the edge off if you just let it go a touch.

Well played ladies. I semi fear the next year with the rate I’m tossing out the goods.

This here song has tugged at my shit since the second I first heard it. Now it belongs to you. Song 48.

They’re called The Heartbreakers for a reason. Poof. And a cloud of hilarity ensues.

There is not one thing that defines you that isn’t your choice.

Everything else is just old ass news.

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