December 16, 2010 – Song 42

Yesterday I synced my airport express to my other airport express all by myself. I know this isn’t a real technological mindblower or anything but I felt like a goddamned captain of industry. Watch out World!

The reason I wanted to do that is so I can make the internet come out of my house speakers. And the main reason I want to do that is CHIRP Radio.

Not only did Kristen play Dirty Boots *sigh* yesterday but the dude after her played this jam, which I haven’t heard in forever. It’s killed me since I first heard it, which happened to be live. I was convinced I had somehow heard it before but was assured that it was brand new. Maybe I just liked it so much that it seemed familiar. If memory serves I may or may not have even cried a little. Which may or may not be just the type of reason that we might do such a better job in the first place.
I’m just saying. ♥

That’s right. World be Warned. Someday we might just all get together and try to take care of you. Song 42.


I was so sure that night that this song was a cover and that I had heard it somewhere before but was argued down by a dude. Square.

While trying to find this link today I discovered something else. Ivor Cutler wrote this song and it appeared on his 1983 album Privilege. Circle.

I’m just saying.

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