December 15, 2010 – Song 41

Without being too dramatic about it this song is essentially how I lost all of my Sandbox* Friends.

Well, except for Taylor. But she was always a strange bird, from like day one. (Congrats on sweet baby Helena by the way. ♥ One Love.)

*Urszula says this about people she knows from when she was small. One of these days it will probably turn out that she isn’t translating things from Polish at all, she is in fact just making random shit up.

The scene: My Sandbox Friend’s 12th Birthday Party circa 1990.

I am the only one in attendance who is not going to see the New Kids on the Block the next day or week or month or whatever. Who even knows? Not me for one, because I am not going. Because I hate them. I don’t think they’re cute. I don’t think they’re cool. I don’t like their music. I don’t like their dance moves. And I don’t like their outfits.

I also, gasp, don’t even know their names.

And the whole party is basically an NKOTB tribute. Videos, music, and everyone else is in LOVE. I am not trying to make fun of this by the way. I’m just trying to point out how poorly I fit in.

Anyway, somehow that day this song is played. The radio? Her older brother? MTV? I don’t know honestly. I just recall thinking, dear god, give me those old weirdos any day.

I remember this so distinctly because when I got home I asked my Mom to take me to Rose Records so I could buy a B52’s cassette. She looked at me surprised and said “Like the airplane?” and I said “I don’t know.” It has got to be a real trip to have a kid. (Taylor!)

As the year went on I didn’t sit with my Sandbox Friends at lunch anymore. Instead, I sat with a bunch of different groups. It might have seemed like I was trying to break away. And maybe I was. Either way, I am sure they thought I was a complete dick. But it didn’t really matter which lunch table I was at, I didn’t fit in very well regardless. That feat took years*.

*One of the oldest Reckless rumors is that Fred Schneider was once in the Broadway store and asked to use the bathroom. I am not sure who said this or even if it is true, but legend has it he was directed to the Chili Mac’s across the street.

I’d feel bad about that if it wasn’t such a far superior facility. I used to go there myself on special occasions. Plus, this was the era of their infamous “To Go” Margarita. And, as insulting as this may seem, let me be the first to say, you definitely won that day dude. Song 41.

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