December 3, 2010 – Song 29

“She left a generation of precocious women in her wake.”

—Ian Svenonius, The Original “Sassiest Boy in America”

I first heard of the band Superchunk from a review of Tossing Seeds in Sassy. I remember going straight to Bizzy Bee and demanding that Paul procure it for me. This was the era of Prodigy mind you, long, long before Amazon was king.

No these… were the magical times. A long ago day, way before the Green Day musical–which I’m so planning on seeing don’t get me wrong–back when a girl at my high school named Abby actually wore shirts made out of pillow cases straight from the pages of “You Make It.”

I’m sure everyone thinks what they grew up on is the best, but in this case I think I might be right. I’m looking at you Nicole.

At this point in the count ’em up it looks like the Chunk might be challenged only by the Mac.

What are you gonna do? Song 29.

“Sassy really did change my life. If I hadn’t read the magazine as a confused pre-teen, I doubt I’d be the person I am today and I doubt I’d have started Venus Zine. I always wanted to know what really happened behind the scenes at Sassy and now I do. This book provides the inside scoop on the rise and fall of one of America’s most important publications.” —Amy Schroeder, editor and publisher Venus Zine

Christmas is right around the corner: How Sassy Changed My Life.

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