November 26, 2010 – Song 22a

Sometimes doing this feels so Doogie Howser, MD it blows my mind. Like someone has cast me to narrate my life’s story for dramatic effect or at least to clue the audience in to how the main character thinks because they couldn’t come up with a classier way to just simply show it.

However, yet once again, I have learned something this evening I didn’t expect to. So of course I am compelled to write. Write and write and write. No matter how ungodly the hour is now or how near the one I have to do things in is. And also, yet again, for the second night in a row, I have to make peace with the fact that the Rainbo is my Cheers and that shit just truly does run DEEP.

So anyway, I already I had tomorrow’s song planned out, but was thwarted by this evening’s events. And yet again, I am compelled to post more than one song. It is a cosmic burn, but if I had one rule, it was to follow follow follow, so here I go. I spent tonight, after the family time and after the friends time, at the bar bookended by dudes. One of which is one of my oldest friends free and clear. And another of which is also an old friend, but I realized tonight is one by association. That is a ladylike way of saying that I was friends with his previous girlfriend first. But I can not deny that he is also my actual friend now. And without getting into details, that’s the thing.

It’s the Chicago Stew. It is what it is. Chicago is a large city, the third largest I think? But us bohemians are just downright intertwined. It’s hard sometimes. Like in someway we actually live in the smallest of towns. And it has its ups and it has its downs. For example, it’s hard to date someone who hasn’t already been a somebody to someone that you fucking KNOW. Or that I will run into your ass with my new other ass. I will see you and you will see me. And love it or leave it, it’s a scenario that makes you face the facts or face yourself much, much faster, because, these webs run deep. I have heard many opinions about this phenomenon both pro and con.

Sometimes, people just straight up move to escape it. And I wholly understand that vibe. But for whatever the reasoning, some of us just roll. Yes, I will see you. Yes, I will see you with your new me. And yes somehow, as insane as it seems, we will one day again have peace. It’s weird, do not get me wrong, but I’m starting to think sometimes the longer you stew in one place, the faster you move on. Also, it’s fucking freezing here one half of the year. Put them shits in a pot together and you’ve got comedy gold spilling out a l l o v e r the place.

Song 22a. Goddamnit, this is the second night in a row.

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