November 25, 2010 – Song 21a


In what seems like a forever ago yesterday I stood with my only brother on Thanksgiving night at the side of my Aunt Ronnie’s hospital bed watching her sleep in at what that point was tentatively being referred to as some sort of trauma induced coma. We stood there in silence for quite a while before I noticed the tears streaming down his face.

It is hard to live far away from your family. Even when they drive you balls ass crazy. Even when you are following the dreams they want nothing more in this world but for you to find.

Less than a month later I went to see Aunt Ronnie in her hospital room. She was awake and reading letters and numbers aloud that weren’t there from a face towel.

On Christmas I went to see her and she was in a wheelchair chatting up a nurse. She even knew the name of my brother who wasn’t there. We recorded a Christmas greeting and sent it to him via email.

A long time ago, way before all of this, I went to the mall with my family and at some point ended up in the record store where my Aunt Ronnie bought this cassingle.

A week or so later she gave it to me because it was too weird.

No matter where you go dude we will find you.
Happy Thanksgiving Mark.

Song 21a.
Aunt Ronnie and I can’t wait to see you this Christmas.

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