November 19, 2010 – Song 15

I have officially heard some shit this year. And I mean all kinds of shit. I feel like every time I pick up the phone or run into someone, the news is huge. It might be happy, it might be sad, or it might just be downright strange. But I officially have heard some shit this year. And truly I mean ALL kinds of shit.

On some occasions the news belongs to me. And god knows I have bent some ears. Bent them downright off. But then something happened.

At first my brain was telling me no. No. NO. NO NO NO. I can’t. I simply can not handle one more thing. But surprise. I absolutely can. And the get ya part is, I actually feel better.

I think there is a popular misconception that you are lucky if you have people you can tell your stories to. People who will really listen to you. People who want to listen to you. People who can somehow make a joke, so insanely innapropriate at times, that even in your darkest moment you will be able to laugh out loud. But I am starting to think that’s not the thing.

What kicks ass in this life are the people who want to tell you. The people who need you to hear them. The people you can crack up when their lives have fallen all apart. The people who think you are worth telling all about it, whatever it is.

I know now I am so lucky to have had the chance to listen.

You are a real sweetie Song 15. If I’ve disappeared, there is a good chance I am just taking a power nap somewhere inside this record. Shhh. I’ll be up again soon enough.

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