November 18, 2010 – Song 14

So I had no intention of writing a post right now. I also had no intention on meditating on the reason I was doing it in the first place, not just yet anyway. I figured that I would save that for months from now when I couldn’t remember why I thought it was such a fabulous idea in the first place.

Also, for the record that no one is keeping, I had no intention of this being the first Fleetwood Mac related song I would play and I had already chosen something else to be Song 14. But, if I had one theory about it from the get go it was that I should ride the wave. So here goes.

I came home tonight and parked my car all the while aware as shit that there where a couple of teenaged gentlemen hanging out by my front gate. At this point, I’ve lived in a city long enough not to be dumb enough to think everyone is a threat yet long enough to know that anyone just might be.

So was I relived that these young men were just there because they were waiting for my teenaged neighbor to sneak out her side door? Not exactly.

In the immediate, yeah, I was. I mean, I don’t really know her, but I do know enough about being a teenaged girl that she shouldn’t be doing what she was doing. But I have also been her. So what do I know about it now?

Stevie Nicks titled this song after mishearing Tom Petty’s first wife Jane say they met at the “age of seventeen.”

Maybe one of those dudes is the next Tom Petty. Or maybe old girl is making one of the biggest mistake of her young life. Being a teenager certainly sucks but being the parents of one has to be like ten gillion times worse.

Godspeed teenage girl neighbor of mine. Your adventures belong to no one but you.

I hope you’re not a dummy. Cause god knows I was.

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