November 17, 2010 – Song 13

Recently you might have noticed I occasionally post things pertaining to something called LivingRoom.

And I want to take a moment to clear up any confusion because contrary to semi popular belief these things are not taking place inside my house!

This year I became a Realtor and assist the amazing Annie Coleman and Abraham McClurg with their company, LivingRoom Realty.

LivingRoom is an alternative real estate company with the mission of providing clients and communities with integrity, mindfulness & creativity. We dedicate ourselves to the highest level of advocacy and equity for our clients. We also present LivingRoom Gallery, featuring the work of local and regional emerging artists. The gallery space hosts regular art, educational, and community events. Topics include sustainable building, financial workshops, and other topics of great mystery. Our micro grant funds projects in the areas of art, sustainability, and overall world betterment.

I feel very lucky to be involved with all of the things that go on here and am always open to suggestions for events or inquiries about the gallery and to help you meet your goals of home ownership. I make jokes about it A LOT, but I am a very proud home owner and I know how special and personal that dream is. That is the best thing about this place. We do not “Move Units”. We help people and it feels great.

Please check us out online at or here on Facebook. The things I personally repost are things I think my friends would enjoy, but there is much more info available for those that are wanting.

And that note: Song 13.

Oh yeah, I am also attempting to post one song a day for one whole year.

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