November 14, 2010 – Song 10

Comedically, it pains me deeply to not be able to legally say why Song 10 is for my mamas.

But if there was ever a number I will probably never be able to think of the same way ever again, 10 might just be it.

With humor, grace and tons of whiskey.

“Naomi, you’re having such a great moment right now with “Mulholland Drive.” How do you resist saying yes to a million scripts and going too fast?

Watts: For me the temptation is, yes, I want to do everything, because I haven’t worked. The material I’m reading now has elevated from what I was reading before by about 1,000 percent. I mean, I wish I could fit it all in. And it sounds ridiculous, because a year ago I didn’t have anything.

Nicole, you said earlier that it’s unbelievable to be sitting here at the table with Naomi.

Kidman: It’s beautiful. It makes me cry, actually, because Naomi’s like my sister. I am genuinely… [Kidman sees that Watts is tearing up and starts tearing up herself. Kidman laughs.] Oh, God, now you’ve started it!

Kidman: This is not that kind of friendship where it’s like, “Oh, yeah, we were friends.” We’ve shared boyfriends, breakups, bottles of wine when we thought our lives were over. I mean, every single thing you can imagine. She moved into my house when I got divorced and took care of me. And now we sit at this table. From Australia. That’s kind of wild, really.

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